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Disabling map pins in Map Rank Tracker

Disabling map pins in Map Rank Tracker

Disabling pins on the map in Map Rank Tracker allows you to tailor your rank tracking to your specific needs and objectives. By deactivating pins for certain locations, you can focus your tracking efforts on areas most relevant to your business. 

This streamlines the tracking process and ensures you focus on data that directly impacts your business performance.

How does it work?

You can disable pins on the map within Map Rank Tracker, effectively preventing rankings from being tracked for those specific locations. 

When you set up a new campaign, you can disable specific pins on the map by deselecting them.

The map that shows a grid of pins that can be disabled by clicking on them.

When pins are disabled, the heatmap report generated by the tool will not include data points for those particular pins.

An example of the report that shows results only for selected pins.

Why opt for a more focused monitoring approach in Map Rank Tracker? 

  1. Focused Monitoring: For example, you may want to track rankings within a specific radius but may not be interested in monitoring positions over a river or other non-relevant areas. By deactivating pins in these locations, you can exclude them from tracking.
  2. No Competition Zones: In areas where a business consistently ranks at the top of Google Maps results and faces little to no competition, you may choose to deactivate pins in those locations since there is no need to monitor rankings there regularly.
  3. Customized Client Reporting: Agencies may find disabling pins with good positions beneficial when creating a heatmap for potential prospects. This allows them to showcase areas where improvement is needed and tailor their reporting to highlight opportunities for optimization.
  4. Efficiency: By deactivating selected pins, you can save valuable credits and resources and concentrate on data directly impacting their business performance, leading to more informed decision-making and strategic optimization efforts.
  • Disabling map pins in Map Rank Tracker
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