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Troubleshooting Google Analytics integration with Semrush

Troubleshooting Google Analytics integration with Semrush

In this manual, you will learn about basic troubleshooting steps that can help you resolve issues with connecting Google Analytics.

Please double-check the email address of the Google account through which you’re connecting Google Analytics (GA) to Semrush. Make sure that it has the necessary permissions. To connect a GA account to Semrush, you need to have at least Viewer permission.

An example of a window with user permissions for a GA4 account. An explanation of how account permissions work is provided, and below it you can find your account with a permission level assigned to it.

If the necessary permissions were granted after you tried to connect your GA account, you will need to reset the integration in Semrush and repeat the steps of connecting GA.
For a step-by-step guide on disconnecting the Google Account from your Semrush account, please refer to this article. After disconnecting, follow the instructions outlined in this article to reconnect your Google Analytics account.

Make sure that in Google Analytics (GA), the Website’s URL in View settings and the Default URL in Property settings exactly match the project's domain in Semrush. In other words, if in GA the Website’s URL/ Default URL is blog.example.com, your project in Semrush should be set up for blog.example.com, not example.com, and vice versa.

To see the Website's URL, go to Admin -> select Data Streams.

Instruction on where to find the Data Streams settings section. One red arrow is pointing at the gear icon in the bottom left corner; this icon opened the admin settings presented on this screenshot. On the right side, Data Streams section is highlighted in red.

Example of what Data Streams menu looks like when opened. On the screenshot, two example data streams are located on the left side. Selecting one of those will open the data stream details, including the Website URL.

Check if you're trying to connect Universal Google Analytics or the new version - Google Analytics 4. Please note that some widgets in My Reports can be connected only to Universal GA.

An example of Universal Google Analytics and Google Analytics 4  widgets in My reports .

To check the type of property, take a look at the tracking number - if it contains only numbers (1234567) – this is a Google Analytics 4 property; if the tracking number starts with UA (UA-1234567) – this is a Universal property:

An example list of properties for a GA4 account. Two different codes for Universal Analytics and GA4 are highlighted to show the difference in number format. 

If the issue persists, please reach out to our Support team and specify the following:

  • the email address associated with the account in Semrush where you’re connecting Google Analytics 
  • the domain name of the project in Semrush where you’re connecting Google Analytics
  • the tool in Semrush that you're trying to pair your Google Analytics account with

Our Customer Support Team will be happy to support you on any matter.

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