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Anahtar Kelime Genel Bakışı

Anahtar kelime araştırmanıza piyasadaki en büyük anahtar kelime veritabanıyla başlayın.

Find Your Keywords

Know the Value of Any Keyword

Keyword Overview provides key metrics for any keyword in our database and helps you decide what terms to target.

Target the Most Valuable Keywords

  • Evaluate your target terms with keyword difficulty and intent analysis
  • Check search volume at global and regional levels
  • Look at the top SERP results to size up the competition
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Spot New SEO Opportunities

  • Explore your target audience’s questions about your brand
  • Dive into related keywords to generate ideas for paid ads
  • Find low-competition and long-tail keywords with ease
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Gain Insights from a Keyword’s Advertisers

  • Get inspiration from real ads based on your target keywords
  • Google Alışveriş rakiplerinizi ortaya çıkarın ve teklif stratejinizi ayarlayın
  • Check out any keyword’s ad history to find the ads that were most often at the top of the SERP
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Get a Quick Overview of the SERP

  • For any keyword, look into your top competitors’ SEO metrics
  • See how much estimated traffic goes to each of your competitors’ URLs
  • Open up the actual results page to see how SERP features and ads appear
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Keep an Eye on Trends

  • Examine keyword search volume fluctuations throughout the year
  • Reveal seasonal spikes in your audience's interests
  • Adjust your bidding strategy and content plan to get more traffic and less spend
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Find the right target keywords.
Semrush makes it easy.

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