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No Nonsense Digital Marketing; Be Found. Be Seen. Breakout. Sick to death of being ignored by the search engines? Constantly chucking money at Google Ads and not getting any back? Social Media making you tear the very last of your hair out? Building a business is hard. We know. We’ve been there. Heck, we’re still there! We’re not miracle workers (ok, maybe sometimes, *wink wink*), and we don’t have a magic wand. But what we do have is a set of skills that can bring you real, tangible results that mean something. So how do we do that? SEO; Invest in your business long term and reap the rewards with our ongoing SEO service. PPC; Be there, at the top of Google, when your customers search with PPC and Google Ads. SOCIAL MEDIA; Have an active, organic presence and smash Ads with our Social Media service. There are a million agencies out there, so why us? In short, we get sh*t done, and listen whilst we’re doing it. We build relationships with our clients to understand the bug bearers they have within their business. What is it that’s causing those headaches? Once we’ve done this, we match up the service to banish the pain. We’ll never sell you something we don’t think you need, and we’ll never try something if we know it won’t work or if it’s something we can’t do. The thing is… We want to bring you real results that impact your business. Say goodbye to vanity metrics and hello to stuff that matters.

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  • $1,000 - 2,500
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  • United Kingdom
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This client came to us with a brand-new website and much content to create. They were getting some traffic - but not enough. Being part of a niche within a difficult industry to crack in the SEO world (legal services) - they needed a marketing team who could truly understand their business offering.


Performed keyword research for all of services to target keywords with the correct user intent Optimised existing content and created new pages targeting more specific keywords Written in-depth blog posts about niche subjects Created an internal linking strategy & wrote new pages to create clusters


272% Top 100 keywords increased by 272% 261% Organic users increased by 261% 257% Organic sessions increased by 257% 297% Total conversions increased by 297% 278% Contact form enquiries increased by 282% 424% Calls increased by 450%


When this company came to Breakout Media, they were only 3 months into business and things were going well. As a new reseller in their market, they were interested in adding more content to their site and seeing how SEO could improve their search visibility despite them being new to the market.


Performed keyword research around the brand and their product offerings Optimised the metadata and onsite content at a category and subcategory page level Ensured the website was technically optimised and sound Provided monthly linkable assets Conducted outreach to gain high-quality backlinks from


THE RESULTS, 10 MONTHS LATER WERE AS FOLLOWS; 2,970% Organic sessions increased by 2970% (from 900 to 29500) 666% Organic transactions increased by 670% (from 40 to 300) 512% Organic revenue increased by 530% (from £9500 to £60,000) 12 Increased Domain Authority from 2 to 12

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Premed Projectson
Mar 28, 2024

Breakout Media have been great and Megan is very easy to work with, providing great insight and knowledge on all things SEO. Very happy with the progress so far 6 months in.

Tom Spenceon
Jan 30, 2024

Breakout have been fantastic since we started working with them a few years ago. I took the gamble after hearing them on a podcast but glad I did. I moved from a local agency who were cheaper and now paying significantly more however they have really upped the game for us.

Alex McLeanon
Feb 23, 2023

The team at Breakout Media have been superb to deal with across the whole workforce. They have always been available and willing to explain what they are doing, and why, in particular Kitty who has managed our account. We have seen some fantastic improvements in our search results for some key searches, including going from outside the top 100 to number 1 within 6 months! The money spent has paid for itself 10 fold so I would recommend to anyone who wants to grow their business to get in touch with them.

Paul Hoodon
Aug 9, 2022

We have been working with Megan at Breakout Media for just over 9 months now on our SEO, and we have been very impressed! After using other providers in the past and receiving a terrible service, it is a breath of fresh air to be working with people who are engaging and able to provide positive results. Thank you for the work you have done so far!!!

John Beamsonon
Dec 11, 2023

Hello Mike and his team have helped me to deliver my new podcast with editing and short clips Very easy to work with and a quick turnaround Top team

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