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Advanced keyword research with the Semrush Keyword Magic Tool Is Retiring—Here Is a Great Alternative You Can Use
Semrush Sensor—Timely SERP Volatility Insights

Looking Into SERP Volatility with Semrush Sensor

Google’s SERPs are volatile. Websites gain and lose positions, new SERP features pop up, and algorithms never stop evolving. It can significantly affect your organic search traffic, which is not inherently a bad thing—with Semrush Sensor at your disposal you can use these fluctuations to your advantage.
May 13, 2022
Expose Competitors With Semrush Domain Analytics
How to Build an Ecommerce Site in 2022: 7 Simple Steps
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Amazon Pricing Study: The Most Expensive Products, Category Volatility, and Seasonal Price Shifts
NoFollow vs. Follow

NoFollow Links vs. Follow: What You Need to Know

With Google treating the “NoFollow” attribute as a hint for indexing and crawling as of March 1st, this is a good time to have a closer look at nofollow links, both internal and external, and discuss the benefits they provide, and different ways to use them. Learn how to use rel=“sponsored“ and rel=“ugc“, things to avoid, and the value of nofollow for link building.
Feb 18, 2022