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Mordy Oberstein

head of seo branding AT WixMordy is a renowned contributor to the SEO industry and has authored numerous studies on a variety of Search related topics. His widely shared insights have helped the SEO community better understand how Google‘s algorithm has evolved and how it often treats sites. A frequent speaker at industry conferences, Mordy is also the host of the SEO Rant Podcast and the co-host of the Edge of Web‘s weekly news podcast as well as the organizer behind Twitter‘s #SEOchat.
Advanced SEO Tasks when Working with Wix
The May 2022 Core Update

The May 2022 Core Update: The Initial Impact

To better assess how the May 2022 Core Update behaved, we analyzed the average gain and loss in position that URLs experienced as a result of the changes. How did different industries fare against one another across mobile and desktop combined?
Jun 01, 2022
State of Search: Discover How the Web Changed in 2021