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What Is Organic Traffic (And How to Increase It)
Using SEO Progress Report Templates on Semrush
SERP analysis on Semrush

How to Do SERP Analysis and What Tools to Use

With every query comes a unique marketing challenge and opportunity. It’s your job to uncover them and take advantage. By running SERP analysis, you can determine your challenges and opportunities and devise an SEO plan to get to the top of the results and bring new traffic to your site.
What Is CLS and Why Is It Important

What Is CLS? How (and Why) to Measure It

Cumulative Layout Shift measures the total amount of layout shifts that occur on a web page as it loads and is interacted with. Google measures CLS in order to judge the overall page experience alongside the other two core web vitals, First Input Delay (FID) and Largest Contentful Paint (LCP).
Feb 23, 2023