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Khloé Kardashian




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Fun fact: I wore clip on bangs for this shoot. It was fun to give a different look and not be committed. I am surprised with how much I liked the bangs even though they changed the shape of my face. Would you ever get bangs?




I have been avoiding this…. Avoiding accepting this is real. I have so much to say but nothing at all…. I have so many emotions and still I feel numb. Life can be brutally unfair at times and This has been one of the toughest times in so many of our lives. But at the same time, I feel blessed that I am lucky to have had someone that makes saying goodbye so incredibly difficult. So difficult that I’m choosing not to say goodbye for good because that is something I cannot fathom. Goodbyes for good are something I don’t believe in. I KNOW I will see you again. I know I will hear your sweet voice and infectious laugh again. I know I’ll get to feel that embrace of yours. I’ll see you again with the many that have gone before you that I so desperately miss, love and cherish. So, I’m choosing to say, that until I see you again in Heaven, I miss you and I will continue to miss you more and more every single day. I know you are with our Lord and Savior. I know you are rejoicing up there. Dancing and singing and probably yelling “who does that!!” because we are crying at your loss. At the same time, I know you never wanted to leave your boys. They are your entire world. They will learn to live with the hole in their hearts because they are warriors just like their warrior mommy. Just know, I promise you, Amari will be perfectly ok. We will all look after him, help him and protect him. Your boys will be ok because they have their guardian Angel by their side. “So with you: Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy.” John 16:22 I love you 🤍 I love you 🤍 I love you 🤍💔🥹🕊️



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