We’ve Added More Traffic Channels to Traffic Analytics

May 25, 2023image

Ready to explore the fine details of your competitor's traffic strategy? Look no further than Traffic Analytics! We’re excited to announce that we’ve added more traffic channels to provide you a clearer picture of how your rivals drive traffic to their sites.

More Channels = More Detailed Insights

With this update–along with the addition of Email and Display Advertising channel data–we separated Paid and Organic Social traffic, as well as Paid and Organic Search traffic, making insight from Social and Search channels even more clear.

These added channels provide a more detailed understanding of your competitor traffic and their traffic acquisition strategy.


Discover Added Channels Across the Board

By integrating the Email, Paid Social, and Display Ad channels across Traffic Analytics reports, you’ll now discover the data you need to tackle your specific research goals.

Unpack the domains sending the most traffic to your competitor’s sites with The Traffic Journey Report. With the added channels, you can develop a more detailed understanding of how domains direct traffic across the web.


Want to identify promos or gauge the impact of a specific campaign? The Top Pages Report offers insights into the traffic channels having the biggest impact on a given page on a competitor's site.


Curious how a rival’s drives traffic to different sections on their website? Turn to The Subfolders Report for traffic breakdowns by channel to subfolders across your rival’s domain.


Reveal Your Competitors’ Traffic Dynamics Like Never Before

Having more traffic channels in Traffic Analytics, you can go deeper with your competitive analysis and uncover the most telling insights related to your competitors strategy.

Whether you want to evaluate the effectiveness of competitor email campaigns, analyze the impact of paid social advertising, or uncover the reach of display advertising efforts, Traffic Analytics can help you get the job done.

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