Traffic Analytics API: Market Intelligence in a Convenient Form

February 21, 2019image

As businesses shift online, website traffic data becomes an intrinsic source of information about markets, competitors, business partners, and potential customers. Without this data, market research and business decision making would be incomplete.

Now, for companies who want to enhance their analytical datasets with website traffic data and do not need access to the SEMrush interface, we can offer Traffic Analytics API.

Data that was previously accessible only in the SEMrush Traffic Analytics interface is now available via API:

  • volume and quality of website traffic;
  • visitor engagement and behavior;
  • traffic sources and destination websites;
  • geos and countries;
  • historical trends;
  • mobile vs desktop traffic distribution;
  • website traffic ranks.

With SEMrush Traffic Analytics API, all this data is presented in the most convenient way for business needs.

Mid-market and enterprise companies, e-commerce businesses and PR & marketing agencies can enhance their BI reports and custom dashboards with this data, integrate it in CRM software or an enterprise portal, or export it to spreadsheets for their daily work. According to our survey, 51% of respondents prefer working with this data in spreadsheets – for them, as a nice bonus, we have created a ready-to-use Google Sheet template that helps to export data in bulk in a few clicks.

SaaS vendors, e.g. AdTech companies or CPA networks, prefer using this data to create or enhance their own commercial products or apps.

SEMrush Traffic Analytics API will be of special interest for:

  • marketing and business development teams as a source of various insights about market share, market trends (both global and local), competitor activity, potential business and co-marketing partners, new markets and niches, and much more;
  • sales and partner management teams who can qualify leads at the speed of light, search for prospects or make strong commercial offers for pre-sales meetings with the use of this data;
  • investors who will get a chance to enhance their robust datasets and prioritize the best opportunities in the startup sphere.

Traffic Analytics API subscription differs from the regular SEMrush APIs. A monthly or annual price is fixed for a certain set of data for any number of websites; no need to calculate API units or estimate number of requests or API calls; no need to purchase the main SEMrush subscription either if you enjoy playing with Traffic Analytics data only on your own tools.

Traffic Analytics API is already available. Contact us directly to try it or check out the available data in the interface first.

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