Streamline Competitor Monitoring in Regional Markets and Business Niches

May 4, 2020image


Competitor monitoring can be time-consuming — or effortless and accessible if you have an intelligent website competitor analysis tool at hand. SEMrush Market Explorer now has a solution for benchmarking positions in regional markets and monitoring your diverse product portfolio competitors more quickly and effectively.

When You Need Custom Lists for Competitor Monitoring

In-house marketing managers and heads of marketing departments responsible for a large product portfolio or several business lines need to monitor dedicated lists of rivals in each category; they should also track their competitors for online visibility. To do this they have to use several custom-made lists.

Those working for international companies have to monitor regional markets and local competitors to be able to adapt their strategies to a country’s specifics. They need to consider those players that are exclusively active in a specific region and are sometimes unknown to the rest of the world.

Agencies and consultants keep multiple lists for their clients (or even for each client). They need to do competitor comparison, monitor market changes, and provide benchmarks, recommendations, and reports under time pressure. They have to be especially accurate as their reputation directly depends on their punctuality and preciseness of the declared KPIs.

All of these professionals create dedicated lists of competitors for different regions or niche markets and analyze them separately.

The Pitfalls of Regular Competitor Monitoring in Custom Markets

Tracking relevant competitors in individual markets is insightful and, technically, not that complicated. You would just go to SEMrush Market Explorer’s Custom Market report, paste your custom-made list of competitors into the field, and get to see their positions and metrics.

You would need to keep your custom list saved elsewhere for further reuse. And then you would repeat the procedure several more times for each of the products or services and regions where you are present.

It felt like our intelligent tool could provide more automation. And now, it really can.

Faster & Easier Competitor Monitoring with Custom Lists

Take the lists of competitors you collected for different geos, product categories, or clients and put them where they will be most useful: in the SEMrush Market Explorer tool. With its new functionality, you can create, save, edit, and reuse your lists for custom market research.

  1. Go to the Custom Market tab in SEMrush Market Explorer.
  2. Press “Click to create a new list”.
  3. Name your Custom Market list to easily find it in the future.
  4. Add up to 20 competitors from your list of regional or business niche rivals.
  5. Check your chosen competitors’ positions in the Growth Quadrant and all the other available metrics. Edit your list if needed.

When you’ve finished researching one particular group of competitors, you can move straight on to another task. Your list will be kept safe and sound in the tool.


Alternatively, you can start your Custom Market list by adding some of the lines from the Share of Visits widget or the Relevant Sites tab.


Each list can contain up to 20 websites — this way, you stay focused on a specific niche. In total, you can create and keep up to 20 lists for your custom market monitoring.

The feature is available exclusively for paid users of the Competitive Intelligence Add-On.

How You Can Benefit from Custom Market Lists

Regular market and competitor analysis is essential for marketers, but they can never know if this time they will discover a precious insight or just state the same position.

There are other marketing activities that provide a better measure and require human intelligence. So, we at SEMrush are doing our best to provide marketers with as much automation as possible to free them from tedious routine.

Add your Custom Market lists to SEMrush Market Explorer and enjoy faster and easier research.

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