Organic Traffic Insights: New Features

November 1, 2016image

We're excited to introduce several new updates for Organic Traffic Insights, which is rapidly gathering pace.

Keywords Search

First of all, the keyword search functionality for landing pages has been improved according to your feedback. Now the search mechanism takes into account subdomains and files in URLs (guide.php, price.pdf, etc.) and searches for keywords for them. This update makes the tool work like clockwork and helps you find even more keywords.

New Comparison Chart

Check out the new comparison chart. It shows the difference for particular periods in order to compare information about keywords to traffic data, users behavior, and also to build a further development strategy for your site. This allows to figure out why your site traffic is changing.


The new chart now shows results for top 10 keywords. And there's still more to come.  

CSV and XLS Export

And finally, you can also export your reports into a CSV or XLS file. This will allow you to collect data for a particular period so you can visualize it in a report, or export it into other tools.

New to Organic Traffic Insights? You can read the previous news about the tool or this manual.

So what do you think of this update? Feel free to send us your ideas, comments and suggestions at

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