Discover the “Highlights” Feature in SEO Writing Assistant

April 19, 2023image

The SEO Writing Assistant is a tool from Semrush that helps you fix and edit written content. It is useful in providing small businesses and content marketers with support for creating high-ranking content.

Now, a new feature in the tool highlights areas of your text that need improvement so you can easily optimize your content for users and search engines.

How It Works

To start, visit your Semrush account and navigate to the Content Marketing Toolkit tab. There, you’ll find the SEO Writing Assistant. Note that only Guru plan users can use the tool without limits.

The writing tool shows areas of improvement for readability, tone of voice, and SEO.

Simply place your text in the box, and you’ll automatically see highlighted areas that can be improved.


Then, click on the color-coded highlights associated with each toggle to see the suggested improvement and add it.

For example, you can use the “Simplify” feature to improve sentences that have readability issues.


Finally, you can toggle each option on or off to isolate certain issues of your text by one of the four categories offered.

Benefits of the Highlights Feature

The SEO Writing Assistant’s new feature makes it easier to identify problems within your text.

It can:

  • Support your writing during content creation
  • Help make edits more quickly and easily
  • Identify potential issues in your copy
  • Help you avoid publishing content with errors

SEO Writing Assistant

With the help of SWA, users can ultimately create more engaging and authentic content that is easy to consume.

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