Market Explorer: Create and Analyze Your Custom Market

February 28, 2020image

SEMrush Market Explorer breaks all records for the quick release of new features that are vital when conquering a market. Now the tool has got a dedicated report for the Custom Market analysis.

There was a time not so long ago when we shared with you the news about the SEMrush Growth Quadrant. The feature helps to reveal top industry players in the competitive landscape and divides them into four segments: Niche Players, Game Changers, Leaders, and Established Players. 

With the new Custom Market report, you can figure out the same four categories for the list of companies of your choice.

Furthermore, in the Custom Market report a full-scale report awaits:

  • the Market Audience widget sheds light on the target market’s demographics;
  • the Custom Market Dynamics feature allows you to get even more specific and choose Selected Domains to compare their progress to the Custom Market Trends;
  • then, you can study Traffic Generation and Social Media Distribution Strategy closely;
  • and, if you prefer to get instant insights, have a look at the Share of Visits by Channel table and see which of your rivals leads in a particular digital marketing channel.

This way, with Custom Market you are able to:

  • Research when launching a new product or entering new territories.
  • Analyze your market position and identify growth areas.
  • Be aware of dangerous competitors quickly gaining momentum.
  • Identify and use successful competitor practices.