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Position Tracking tool

Measure Share of Voice With Semrush Position Tracking

Semrush’s daily rank tracker, Position Tracking just got an awesome new feature: Share of Voice line graph. Read more...

Position Tracking

Track up to 5,000 Devices & Locations With a Business Subscription

Position Tracking is one of our most popular tools, so we love to share news about it when we make it stronger! Read more...

SEMrush: Track up to 5,000 Devices & Locations With a Business Subscription image 1

Position Tracking: Cannibalization Shall Not Pass

We’re happy to announce the new Cannibalization report in Position Tracking, which will protect you from any sort of undesired competition for your site pages. Read more… Check Keyword Cannibalization in SEMrush Position Tracking

Position Tracking: Set Your Targeting in Live Mode

As time goes by, some of our users like to reconsider the way they’ve set up their Position Tracking campaigns. This can happen for several reasons: refocusing on a different traffic source, expanding to new territory, starting a local promotional campaign, to name just a few. Read more...

Position Tracking: Live Targeting

Position Tracking: Export the Landscape Report to PDF

Welcome to our regular column, ‘You wanted it, you got it.’ More and more users are finding the Position Tracking tool extremely profitable and useful, so it’s no surprise that we're getting a lot of requests to improve its functionality, including the export feature. Read more...

PT banner

Position Tracking on the Go!

Always thinking about how to stay ahead of your competitors? Losing sleep over your website’s daily rankings? Obviously, you should get more rest, and it’s very possible now that we’ve created our Position Tracking Mobile App. It lets you follow all of your Position Tracking campaigns on the go, so you can keep an eye on your website no matter where you are! Read more...

PT app

Position Tracking: Landscape Report

Have you ever thought of having all key Position Tracking takeaways on one page? It would be pretty useful in cases where you need to get a general impression of a domain’s visibility, estimated traffic, position changes, etc. If you agree, check out the Landscape report. Read more...

Position Tracking banner

Position Tracking: Hyper Targeting by ZIP Code

Looking for new, innovative ways to actively encourage your business? We’re dab hands at that! Competitive research is always relevant when there are lots of players in the market. But tracking your positions and analysis of all your potential rivals within a city or country could take a lot of time, and sometimes you just need to dig deeper and focus on audiences which could become your active clients as they are near you. Read more...

Position tracking banner

Track Your Baidu Rankings with Position Tracking

We are excited to inform you that we’ve launched rank tracking in the first Chinese search engine Baidu within our Position Tracking! Read more...Position Tracking: Baidu Rank Tracking Launch banner

Position Tracking: A New Featured Snippets Solution

We have recently talked about SERP Features and how great it is to have them supported in our Position Tracking tool. Now we have come up with a new solution for gathering all useful data regarding Featured Snippets in one place. Read more... 

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