Brand Monitoring: A New Source For Keeping Up with Your Brand’s Reputation

June 20, 2017image

Time for some great news we’ve all been waiting for! Meet the new ‘Tweets’ section of our Brand Monitoring tool. Now we’ll search for your brand mentions, you guessed it, in Twitter. 

What Benefits Can You Derive From This?

  • It’s a perfect opportunity to keep an eye on your reputation. You will always be in the loop concerning positive or negative feedback about your brand. You won’t miss a single tweet as we refresh the data for new mentions every thirty seconds in real time. We will also search for keywords among words, @mentions, and #hashtags. You’ll get maximum information on what your customers are talking about
  • You’ll always be aware of new trends, tendencies, and what people are talking about. Such information will surely come in handy when developing your own plans and strategies. You can monitor your entire industry or narrow your search to particular segments. The tool’s Wizard allows you to monitor up to 3 keywords, and you can also add context words
  • Undoubtedly, one of the key benefits of this newest update is the ability to find potential clients. While monitoring tweets that contain certain keywords, you can easily offer users your goods and services


To give the new update a try, simply switch to the ‘Twitter’ tab. You’ll see all mentions found according to the same wizard presets as in the ‘Web’ tab. Also, you can filter your search results by different types of mentions in Twitter (e.g., word, @username, #hashtag).

Now you’re good to go! Don’t forget to share your ideas, comments and suggestions by emailing us at

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