Analyze and Optimize Marketing Strategies with Traffic Sources Comparison

July 25, 2019image

Hacking your competitor’s strategy sounds nice. How about getting an overview of digital marketing channels for a bunch of rivals at once? This is what Traffic Sources Comparison does for you.

Just a couple of more columns added to the Traffic Sources report in the SEMrush Traffic Analytics tool can give you a clear idea of which channels perform the best for your competitors.

  • Group Traffic Split shows traffic distribution in percentage sent from a given source to each of the domains you compare.
  • Traffic Share shows percentage of total volume of traffic sent to all of the domains you compare from a given traffic source.


SEMrush Traffic Analytics users asked for this addition to the Traffic Sources feature. Here are the main cases when this comparison can be useful:

  • To plan your marketing strategy ahead

Whether you’re starting off on more digital platforms or in a new niche, Traffic Sources Comparison will help you reveal the effectiveness of multiple channels for your competitors and split your budget to keep pace with them.

  • To set realistic benchmarks

When you see how much traffic each channel tends to generate for your competitors, you get a clearer idea of what to expect from these sources for yourself. Have a look at the Group Traffic Split to set not just challenging but achievable KPIs.

  • To find better role models

By looking at the Traffic Sources Comparison graphs, you can define top performers in each channel individually. Once you’ve found out who generated the most traffic from a certain platform, you can dive deeper into an analysis of their content there.

  • To check digital marketing trends for a specific industry

Especially when you observe a new niche or market, this knowledge will be valuable for you. Do companies in the chosen industry abandon paid ads for SEO? Or do they invest in social media promotion instead of referral programs? Just look at the Group Traffic Share in dynamics to answer these questions.

  • To find gaps in a potential client’s strategy

If you’re preparing a marketing proposal for a new client, you need to know where their previous campaign was breached. By comparing their Traffic Sources with their main competitors’, you can detect which parts of their current strategy require optimization. The better you know your prospect’s pain and gain points, the more chance you have to impress them and actually get the contract.

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