Agency Partners: New Ways to Find a Marketing Partner For Your Business

December 28, 2021image


If your business is looking for a trusted marketing services provider, then the Agency Partners platform has long been the ideal resource.

It’s a place where:

  • In-house marketers can get help with any marketing service, whatever your budget
  • It’s completely free to search the database
  • All listed agencies are certified Semrush partners with proven expertise
  • You can find agencies for both short- and long-term projects

Now, Semrush has released several exciting new features for the Agency Partners platform, making it easier than ever to evaluate agencies and find a trusted marketing partner.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Evaluate potential partners based on their Agency Score (a proprietary Semrush metric that is based on the success of both the agency and their clients).


  • Explore agency portfolios, success stories, and awards, as well as view the agency’s other clients. This can allow you to get a better understanding of whether your prospective partner is a suitable fit.


Find the Right Marketing Agency PartnerFind your agency

What Is the Agency Partners Platform?

The Agency Partners platform is a dedicated space for both agencies and brands and offers value and convenience for both parties.

If you are an agency, you can get listed on the platform (through the Agency Growth Kit), and offer your marketing services as a trusted Semrush partner.

Conversely, if you are a brand, you can quickly and easily find trustworthy agencies that offer relevant marketing services and Semrush expertise. You can filter and identify potential partners based on budget, industry, and the type of work required.