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  • Semrush Marketplace is closing on August 31, 2024.
  • New content purchases have ended February 1st.
  • Submit your last briefs by August 1st.
  • Have a paid subscription? No worries! Billing will stop, but you’ll keep all your features for free.
  • You will have access to your existing articles until August 1st.
Act Now: Take advantage of this extended opportunity to submit your final content briefs before the deadline!

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The Service

How can Semrush Content Marketplace help with my content needs?
Semrush Content Marketplace is a self-serve platform that connects you with handpicked content providers.
We have partnered with leading content companies to create a pool of diverse creative content talent ready to scale your content projects.
Who produces the content?
By partnering with leading content providers, Semrush Content Marketplace has brought together the expertise of vetted content copywriters, editors, designers and native, highly skilled humans with years of experience across different topics and industries.

Content SEO

Is the content SEO optimized?
The content produced is SEO optimized and designed to rank based on the target keywords provided in brief.
Can the writer find relevant keywords?
The writer may use synonyms of the primary keyword for which the text is written.
Does the writer do keyword and SEO research from scratch?
The writer will optimize the content based on the keywords provided to them in brief. SEO and Keyword research on demand is currently out of content production scope. The Semrush Keyword research tool can help you find the right keywords, phrase, matches/long-tails.

Content Quality

Will the content be 100% original?
Absolutely! All content is 100% plagiarism-free and written per your brief specifications.
Where can I see examples of your work?
To check how the content is structured and what you might expect, HERE are some content examples corresponding to each content type.

Content Copyrights

Do I own the rights and can I white-label the content?
Sure you can! Once you complete an order, you can resell, publish, and distribute the content across various media channels, all under your company name. Please visit this page for details.
Tell me more about the licensing of the image included with the article.
The images provided with every article order are royalty-free. That means you can use this image without the need to attribute the source.

Supported Languages

What languages are currently supported?
British (Queensland) English and American English


Can I test your service and get free content?
We offer a free Premium Subscription trial for 14 days. Generally, we don't offer content for free, however, from time to time we may run special promos. Check our website for more info.

Content Payments

Do I have to prepay for the order?
In order to keep the ordering process efficient and without interruptions, Semrush Content Marketplace runs on a prepayment model. Bulk or single orders can be prepaid before brief submission.
Can I request an invoice for Tax purposes?
Yes, please get in touch with the Semrush team to arrange it.
Can I prepay via Pay-Pal or wire transfer?
Currently, all payments are processed via credit card payments.
Can I purchase content in bulk?
Absolutely! Bulk and single orders are available for purchase.
Could I switch my prepaid order from a website copy to article content?
Due to pricing differences, it is not possible to switch from one content type to another.
I need to add more words to my order, can I purchase additional content?
Purchasing additional content to an existing order already in production is not supported at this time.
How do I pay for recurring orders?
To have a recurring order (auto)submitted, a pre-paid article order is required. If a pre-paid article order is not available on the account, the brief will not be submitted and remain pending.
How can I update a credit card to a new one?
To update/change credit card details on your account, just enter the new card information upon the next time you purchase an order. This way, the system will automatically update your billing details for subsequent orders and subscription charges. No further action is required. Note that if you have existing prepaid orders, you won’t be requested to fill out your credit card details until you run out of the purchased orders.


What if I unsubscribe before my Premium Subscription due date?
You’ll be able to use all the Premium features (projects, workspaces, templates, unlimited revisions, etc.) until the next payment due date. After this date, the features won't be available unless you renew/extend the subscription.
Where can I find information about my subscription billing?
The Subscription Billing Information can be found under your User's Account > Workspace Settings. You can check the Subscription status and the Premium Plan expiration date.
What are the Premium Subscription costs?
Learn more about the Premium Subscription costs Here.
What are the Premium Subscription benefits?
Learn more about the Premium Subscription Here.

Trial Subscription

How long will my trial subscription last?
Premium Plan Subscription trial period lasts for 14 days.
Are there any restrictions with the Premium Subscription trial?
No, there are no restrictions. With the Premium Plan Trial, you get full access to all Marketplace Premium features for 14 days.
Can I extend the Premium Subscription trial?
We don't extend Premium Subscription trials. However, we review each request individually. If for some reason you were unable to take advantage of the Premium Subscription trial, please contact us to discuss possible options.
Will I be charged automatically at the end of the trial?
Yes. You'll be notified about the upcoming charge by email 24 hours in advance. If you haven't placed any orders yet, you'll be asked to provide your credit card details to extend the subscription.


Can I cancel the order and get a refund?
Writers do their best to provide you with the content that suits your goals. However, if you're not happy with the content after at least one revision, do not accept (complete) it in your account and contact us to request a refund. Learn more about our Refund Policy Here.
How can I cancel my Premium Subscription?
To unsubscribe at any time go to: My Account > Workspace Settings > Subscription > click on the arrow next to the subscription status and select the Unsubscribe option.

Available Content Types

What type of content can I order?
Semrush Content Marketplace gives you access to a full range of content products: Articles, Website Copy, Ebook, PR content, Product Descriptions, Email Newsletters.
I have my own text, can I submit it for proofreading?
Proofreading and Editing services are not currently supported. Writers will proofread and edit only the content they produce for you.
Can I transcript my videos into content?
Transcript content is not currently supported. Writers will produce original content based on brief.
What is the difference between Article content and Website content?
The main differences between website content and blog articles are the actual content type itself and the format. While Blog articles are usually light and easy to digest without diving into deep research, website content takes on a more informative and business-related angle.

Placing an Order

How does the content ordering work?
Create an account, purchase a prepaid order, fill in your brief, hit submit. Once submitted, all briefs are systematically matched with the best writers based on their field expertise.
Can I contact the writer directly?
The current workflow and infrastructure does not support an open channel customer-writer. Semrush Success/Support teams are always happy to support each and every inquiry. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!
How do I assign a writer to my order?
You never have to worry about finding a writer! Once submitted, all briefs are systematically matched and assigned to highly skilled writers based on their area of expertise.
Can I order again from the same writer if I liked their style?
Yes! Ordering from the same writer is possible for clients on a Premium Subscription plan and based on writer’s availability. If you liked an article order, click “star” and place a future order with that writer again. This feature isn't available for articles where you provide your own title and meta description.
Can I request several images for my article?
No, all articles are delivered by default with 1 royalty-free stock image to match the article topic.
Can I submit orders in bulk?
Bulk order submission is not currently supported. Each brief will be submitted individually to ensure accuracy and avoid accidental submissions.
Where can I submit an attachment with my brief outline?
The simplest and fastest way to share a doc with a writer is by setting open access to the link/folder of your drive. Copy-paste the link in the “specific instructions” of the brief.
Can I request a specific custom image with my article?
Custom images are out of production scope at this time.

Content Timeframes

Why is my order countdown longer than stated? Has the deadline been extended?
No, the deadline has not been extended, but the system takes into account weekend days as well.

Content Revisions

What if I don’t like the content? Can I ask for a revision?
You may request three revisions or more. The writer will amend the content to match your brief perfectly.
How many content revisions are allowed?
Every order comes with three content revisions. The Premium Subscription Plan grants unlimited content revisions.
How will I know that my content is ready for review?
Once an order is ready for review you will receive an email notification (or SMS, if you enabled that option).
My order shows as completed, why?
The system has an auto-complete process in place for orders pending outside their review timeframe. Please make sure you have all notifications turned on and that you place any revisions timely.


Where can I find my prepaid orders?
Please check your prepaid orders under ‘My Account’ > ‘Workspace Settings’ > ‘Prepaid Orders’.

Team collaboration

Can I invite teammates to collaborate on a content project?
Yes. The owner of a workspace can invite up to three members to their Workspace for team collabs.

Order Management

Can I share content with my colleagues and clients?
You can share content with your colleagues or clients via a white-label link. This option is available for articles, press releases, web copies, ebooks.
Can I group orders by domain or topic?
Yes, with the Projects feature, you can conveniently group your orders by domain, topic, project name, etc.
Can I request content with faster delivery?
Yes! Premium plan subscribers can place express orders once a month. This option is available for articles and website copy only. The express feature isn't available for articles where you provide your own title and meta description.
Can I place recurring orders?
Yes. You can select the 'Template' option in the ‘My Orders’ section and then set up the (auto) submission frequency.
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