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Why is there limited or no data in Traffic Analytics for the website I entered?

Why is there limited or no data in Traffic Analytics for the website I entered?

The short answer is that if a website has few monthly visits, we might not have enough information to present accurate estimations.

Semrush Traffic Analytics doesn’t have any threshold in terms of visits. However, from our experience if your website has about 10 000 monthly visits, it will significantly increase the chances of getting at least some basic data on the website in Traffic Analytics.

Check the Estimated Accuracy metric at the top of the report so you can gauge how accurate the reported numbers are. Why can the accuracy level be low? We use a sample of users who visited a site to estimate the website’s popularity. The larger the sample size, the higher the accuracy level.

Traffic Analytics low accuracy

If the data is limited, check if more information is available for another location, device and month. The Estimated Accuracy level might vary depending on these parameters.

Look at the chart and check how the traffic flow was changing during the last 12 months. If you see dotted grey lines on the chart, this either means that the website doesn’t receive much traffic or our sample of data for this site is small.

Trend widget in Traffic Analytics that shows a green and grey dotted line, which means that in some months there we no visits to a domain or that we didn't collect enough data.

For each country, the number of clickstream panelists can vary but 10 000 monthly visits should be enough to get basic insights on the website in Traffic Analytics.