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Traffic Analytics Filters

On top of the report, you can see three filters – Historical Data, Database, and Devices.

Date, Location and Device filters are highlighted with a red rectangle at the top of the Traffic Analytics Overview report.

Historical data enables you to perform research on a month-to-month basis dating back to January 2017. These data points represent averages for the particular month and can be accessed through the Date selector. Clicking the date will display the dropdown menu in which you can select a particular month or a time period (1) to see data for. You can also see the date when the previous month's metrics will be gathered (2).

An example of the drop-down in the Date filter which allows checking the historical data either by selecting the time period on the right (highlighted with a red rectangle) or picking a specific month on the left. A red arrow is pointing to the current month (Dec 23) and a pop-up appears stating that the data for December will be available on January 8th.

Database filter allows you to see the Worldwide metrics, metrics for a specific country, or Business/Geographical region metrics. Click Worldwide and select the country to see the data in the dropdown menu:

National database drop-down appears after clicking the Worldwide button.

A red arrow is pointing to the Regions selector in the national database drop-down.

With the new “select multiple” option, you can simultaneously analyze data for multiple countries in a single dashboard. Simply open the location dropdown, activate the “Select multiple” switch, and choose the countries you’d like to view. Traffic data for your selected countries will appear across all of the Traffic Analytics reports, making customized web traffic research as simple as ever. 

A red arrow is pointing to the Select multiple switch in the national database drop-down.

Please kindly note that this option is not available in the Audience Overview report:

A red arrow is pointing to the notice that multiple selection is not available in the Audience Overview report.

Additionally, there’s an option to select a Business or a Geographical region to access different sets of data based on your business needs. Currently, this filter is available for all reports besides Audience Overview.

A red arrow is pointing to the Regions selector in the national database drop-down in the Traffic Journey report.

With the Devices filter you can specify if you need the data for Desktop, Mobile, or All Devices:

A Devices filter drop-down.

However, some of the widgets in the Audience Overview report show data only for all devices:

A red arrow is pointing to the notification that only all devices data is available in the Socioeconomics widget in Audience Overview.


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