Compare Domains Report

On the Compare domains tab, you have an option of adding multiple competitors to benchmark your site’s top metrics against theirs. 

Enter up to 5 domains, subdomains, subfolders or URLs to compare important metrics, analyze organic/paid traffic and backlinks trends, and get actionable data from a few widgets generated by the Keyword Gap tool. In the first comparison widget, hover over column titles or arrows next to a number to see a tooltip.

Compare Domains Report image 1

Compare Domains Report image 2

Traffic Share - represents the share of Organic traffic between competitors.

Non-branded / Branded - shows the ratio of Non-branded and Branded Organic traffic for each of the analyzed domains.

Paid / Organic - the ratio of paid and Organic traffic for each of the analyzed domains.

Keyword Overlap  - the overlap of keyword portfolios among the competitors.

Top opportunities - the best keyword opportunities for the main analyzed website.

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