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What is the Date Range for Metrics in Keyword Magic Tool?

What is the Date Range for Metrics in Keyword Magic Tool?

The data you see in the Keyword Magic Tool is updated on a monthly basis. At the moment it is impossible to change the date range to see historical data in the Keyword Magic tool. But you can always add keywords to Keyword Strategy Builder and manually update your metrics to get the most up-to-date data if needed.

In the Keyword Magic Tool report you can find the following metrics:

  • Volume: the average number of times per month that a keyword was queried on Google (on the national level).
  • Keyword Difficulty: an estimation of how easy it would be to rank your website for this keyword with SEO
  • CPC: cost-per-click ad advertiser pays Google for a click on their PPC ad on this keyword’s SERP.
  • Com: the density of advertisers bidding on this keyword for their ads on the national level. A score of 1.00 indicates the highest level of competition, and a score of 0.00 indicates no competition. Although this metric refers to competitors in paid search, it can be representative of a keyword’s organic value as well.
  • Results on SERP (Search Engine Results Page): the number of URLs displayed in organic search results for a given keyword.
  • SERP Features: hover over the icons to see which special SERP features are present on the results page for this keyword
  • Trend: how much interest web searchers have shown in a given keyword in the last 12 months.


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