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How do I cancel my Semrush Local subscription?

How do I cancel my Semrush Local subscription?

What will happen if I cancel my Semrush Local subscription?

When you cancel your Semrush Local subscription with Listing and Review Management, we will stop distributing and updating your business information, as well as monitor your reviews. The listing data will remain in the directories and become subject to each publisher's normal data compilation process, which may result in your business listings in various directories changing over time.

How do I cancel Semrush Local?

If you use Semrush Local as an add-on to your Pro/Guru/Business subscription and wish to remove it, please contact We kindly ask you to explain why you decided to remove the limit. Please mind that the removal of the limit takes effect immediately, meaning that once the limit is removed, you will no longer have access to the Listing and Review Management tools of Local. 

If you subscribed to Semrush Local as a standalone solution and have decided to cancel the subscription, please log into your User Account and submit a cancellation request using this form. Cancellations will take effect at the end of the prepaid period.

How do I remove a location from my subscription?

If you want to remove a certain location from your listings but keep the limit for another location, this can be done directly from the Listing Management tool. At the moment, this feature is available for accounts with more than 3 location limits. The button will appear 1 month after the setup. If you want to remove Semrush Local from your subscription plan completely, please contact us at

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