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Top Paying AdSense Keywords


10 min read

Top Paying AdSense Keywords and Best Adsense Niches for 2020

If you are using AdSense placements on your site in order to monetize it, then it makes sense that you want the biggest payoff possible. We used Semrush’s CPC Map tool to take a close look at the top paying ad niches and keywords so you can be strategic about which niches you write in and what keywords you are optimizing for. Not all ads will pay equally.
Elizaveta ShutovaNov 21, 2019
Display Campaign
Advertising Stats


9 min read

Display Advertising Stats: Semrush Study

Semrush has conducted the first display advertising study for ecommerce businesses on the market. Research is based on over 40 million impressions from the top Google Display Network (GDN) ecommerce advertisers, and 23 million impressions from the top GDN ecommerce publishers. We have uncovered insights you need, so keep reading.
Elizaveta ShutovaMay 03, 2019
How To Optimize a Remarketing Campaign That Delivers


12 min read

How To Optimize a Remarketing Campaign That Delivers

Whether we like it or not, remarketing is all around us. Although the concept of remarketing can take many different forms, the message is typically a reminder to complete an action or to present new, personalized content to help prompt a buying decision. Find out all you need to know and do to optimize an effective remarketing campaign that generates ROI.
Chaitanya PatelOct 30, 2017