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ABC of Fixing AMP Validation Errors With Semrush
How To Optimize Your Ecommerce Site for Search Engines


10 min read

How to Optimize Your Ecommerce Site for Search Engines

You’re probably one of those who wants to start selling on the Internet. Or perhaps, you already have a store but are looking for ways to increase its visibility and popularity. One of the most effective ways to do that? Optimize your online store for the search engines. Let’s explore the different methods on how you can up your rankings for the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
Pauline CabreraSep 18, 2017
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How To Identify Striking Distance Keywords


5 min read

On-Page Boot Camp: How To Identify Striking Distance Keywords

In the series of 4 short videos, A.J. Ghergich, an SEO pro and founder of Ghergich & Co. will explain how the combination of effortless techniques and the SEMrush toolkit can help you gain a lot of relevant traffic in no time. In this video, A.J. shows how to identify keywords that guarantee you a quick win and use them to the best advantage. This is the first video of the series.
A.J. GhergichJul 31, 2017
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Digital Marketing Trends 2022


8 min read

Not Just Another Digital Marketing Trends 2022 Post

It’s the end of 2021, and yes, it’s that time of the year — when you prepare for the winter holidays, drown yourself on Amazon in search of the perfect gift, and expect a deluge of “Digital Marketing Trends for 2022” posts. Well, if you think you’re opening up another “voice search is the next search” write-up, you’re in the wrong.
Andrew WardenDec 21, 2021
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