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Spark Factory
Spark Factory
Grow Your Business with Spark Factory

United States

United States



Spark Factory is an award-winning advertising agency specializing in exponential growth for our clients. Our unique approach to strategy, creative and technology elevate our clients’ brands and drive business results. Our approach is based on the understanding that today’s consumer is more informed, connected and discerning than ever before. We create communications that inspire action by strategically aligning your brand with the interests of your target audience. We combine the latest technology with proven traditional strategies to empower you to reach consumers across all media channels. In addition, we are a recognized leader in data-driven marketing, providing comprehensive analytics and insight into every aspect of a campaign. Spark Factory’s ability to develop effective marketing strategies is rooted in our solid understanding of human behavior and how it affects people’s buying decisions. Spark Factory’s approach focuses on the emotional side of the marketing and sales process to create brand loyalty, customer retention and ultimately, greater profitability for our clients. We have locations in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Florida with a global team of strategists, creatives, engineers, writers, designers and technologists. Our flexible structure allows us to provide tailored solutions to meet each client’s unique goals – whether that means developing a long-term strategy or providing fast turnarounds on campaign work.
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